Our Moments

The couples that I married were so gracious enough to write a testimonial about their wedding day experience. I am honored to have married these wonderful people and wanted to share their story with you. I hope that you can take some time to read and enjoy! ~ Travis

Wonderful, Friendly, Warm, Welcoming, Helpful, Lifesaver, I called Travis a week and a half before my wedding I am from a completely different state and I was freaking out about a good officiant to fit the style of my husband and I. Not only did Travis help us with the marriage license by going up to the court house to help us out with the paper work he had suggestions of other venues incase ours didn’t work out and his response time was within the same day I contacted him. Thank you to Travis I will never forget my ceremony and I will always remember how smooth the ceremony was because of him.

Dionna and David

March 13, 2013

Travis was our first and only choice to be the officiant at our wedding. He was helpful to a fault, provided timely guidance and answers to our many concerns, and was beyond professional. He went well beyond the scope of what he was obligated to provide, and offered to assist us in any way possible – even going as far to offer to pick up our license for us just to help remove that step. Travis definitely made our wedding a special, original and memorable event and we would definitely recommend him to our friends.

Dan and Erin

December 27, 2012

I contacted Travis about 2 months prior to the day of our ceremony. He gave us some great ideas for an outdoor ceremony and also a back up plan in case of bad weather. He was very professional and replied to my questions either the same day or next day! He made the entire process as easy and enjoyable than I ever thought possible! I’ve recommended him to all my local friends! I’m very thankful to have found him.

Chase and Chris

October 11, 2012

Travis is not only an amazing officiant but a wonderful person. His compassion and responsiveness was honest and we felt that he truly took the time to understand our unique love and bond as a couple. Travis’ perspective on the importance of marriage helped us put into words the commitment we wanted to make to one another. He was the perfect guide through our ceremony. I would recommend him to any type of couple. He embraces the limitless bounds of love and matrimony.

Tim and Haley

September 29, 2012

Travis was a pleasure to work with. He gave us suggestions on location, accommodations, etc. Travis also served as our licensing agent. With his help everything went smoothly on our big day. He was very charming and friendly with our guests. If we could do it all over again, we would want Travis to be a part of our wedding.

Tracy and Lesley

July 28, 2012

Travis was a Godsend in the planning of our wedding. He was able to process our marriage license ahead of time since we live far away in Ohio. He was even flexible with the payment, allowing us to make payment in installments. Travis did a wonderful job as the officiant, and I would recommend his services to anyone, especially to those who do not live in D.C.

John and Ryan

May 26, 2012

Travis was recommended to us by another officiant that we were trying to book and it was a definite Gain for us. Travis was always very punctual, flexible, professional, and patient. We will always recommend Travis for anyone to make their day special and memorable. It was not a surprise that at the DC Marriage license office, most of the clerks knew his name and had nothing but good to say about him, when we mentioned that he was officiating our wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Ritz

April 14, 2012

We are so grateful to Travis for all the wonderful things he did for us that saved us time. We literally left most of the planning up to Travis and drove into town the night before so we could be married on our tight schedule. What a wonderful Man.!!! He gave us many ideas on where to stay and have the ceremony and suggested kid friendly and pet friendly venues that could easily fit in our child (Mya) and dog (Max).  As our officiant, Travis was authorized to pick up our marriage licenses and provided us with a certified copy in the mail within a few days so we did not have to go to the courthouse. He is Amazing…. and truly A genuine soul…We were very lucky to have had him to perform our ceremony and will always recommend his services to anyone interested in marriage.

Kathryn and Ursula

March 4, 2013

When my husband and I first got engaged we knew we wanted to have an officiant that shared our beliefs- equality for anyone who chooses to take the plunge! Through a recommendation, we were introduced to Travis. We hit it off instantly. He is easy to talk to but most importantly he wants to help make a couple’s big day their own. He provided guidance on applying for and securing that all important marriage license and sample vows. We suggested we wanted to incorporate our own vows into the ceremony and he was fully supportive. He even held mine for me and handed them to me after I walked down the aisle.

In getting to know Travis as we prepared for our wedding I was always so impressed by his ability to go from an informal wedding ceremony at Meridian Hill Park for out-of-town couples to formal affairs at an embassy. I know he even helped one couple surprise their guests who thought they were simply showing up for an engagement party. Travis is friendly, professional, and always willing to help. I would highly recommend him.

Sarah and Thomas

October 27, 2012

We were so incredibly lucky to have Travis as the officiant for our big day. My wife, Clarissa, and I live in NC and thus, were unfamiliar with the DC area. Travis was instrumental in helping our Wedding go off without a hitch. He answered every question I had, (believe me there were a lot) was always timely with his responses, filed all our paperwork and offered tons of thoughtful suggestions to help guide us along the way. I simply cannot say enough good things about him! When we elected to change our wedding site just 2 days before the event Travis didn’t even bat an eye and jumped on board. We will forever be grateful that we had such a wonderful person to share this life-changing event with us. – Courtney

Courtney and Clarissa

April 14, 2012

I was referred to Travis initially by another Officiate we tried, who was booked for our day, but that was perfect; a recommendation from a more established industry professional was good enough for me, and said everything about Travis’ professional connections and abilities from an “insider” point of view. We are a middle-aged gay couple from Charleston, SC and really knew nothing about getting married, except that we wanted to do it in DC because we both had connections there from our younger days. So we really had to rely on planning from a distance with a knowledgeable local contact.

Travis was immediately warm and helpful in correspondence and phone calls, and made every attempt to make the process easy and painless; from offering to help with the licenses to giving opinions on DC locations and wedding service providers, etc., his connections really showed. He also gave us options for the actual ceremony: style, language, vows, timing. I appreciated that he asked about our desires and was flexible and able to set any tone we wanted.

In the end we had our perfect small wedding with both of our sets of parents and just close friends, and Travis was outstanding with his timing and professionalism. And I would add, he was also charming with his convivial personality (and this is no small thing, since there were only a dozen of us in the room, with music, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres beforehand) he fit right in mingling with the small group and then jumped into action and took command as Officiate at the right time. Everyone later said they really enjoyed meeting him and that he was both perfect in his role, and also a nice addition to the group of people.

Terry and JD

February 11, 2012